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Age group: From 3yrs to adult.

Check out the latest summer camp videos below by Rohan Vyas

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Experience the taste of “BOLLYWOOD AND HIP-HOP. “

Enroll in this 8-week power-packed class to learn from the basics to a mesmerizing dance routine. We focus on both the aspects of theory and practical, followed by technical understanding. Our Fundamentals program focuses on what you need to know to prepare you for the different dance styles. Like we start with a warm-up & stretching session that helps in flexibility, balance, increasing strength & avoiding any kind of cramps. Next, we teach different grooves like Bollywood grooves and HIP HOP grooves that will make you understand the rhythm of your body and help you create blocks on different music. We also help you know all types of music and beats.

“*We do not want you to only learn a specific routine, but to nurture you in a way that you can blend different moves and be able to create your own piece of art.” – Rohan Vyas*

After all, dance is about alignment between your body, soul, and mind.

Click on each class for more information and Online registration.

Following classes are BEGINNERS level classes

This class is for first-time students who haven’t been introduced to dancing. This class allows them to explore their inner dancer with a total body workout and focusing on strength and synchronization with the fascinating beats of Bollywood music.

Age group: 3 – 5 Years on Tuesday 6pm

Register here for Beginner’s classes: Tuesday 6pm- 7pm

Age group: 5-7 Years on Wednesday 6pm

Register here for Beginner’s classes: Wednesday 6pm – 7pm

Age Group: 7-12 Years on Thursday 5pm

Register here for Beginner’s classes: Thursday 5pm- 6 pm (link)

Age Group: 16+ (Adults) on Friday 5pm

Register here for Beginner’s classes: Friday 5pm – 6pm


Following classes are INTERMEDIATE level  classes

This class is a step ahead of the beginner class. Once you are in the rhythm and groove, it’s time to explore more dance styles and push your limits with more focus on your posture alignment, flexibility, and strength synchronization. Enjoy and celebrate Bollywood dance and music.

Age Group 3-5 years on Tuesday 7pm

Register here for Intermediate classes: Tuesday 7pm – 8pm

Age Group: 5-7 years on Wednesday 7pm

Register here for Intermediate classes: Wednesday 7pm – 8pm

Age Group: 7-12 Years on Thursday 6pm

Register here for Intermediate classes: 6pm – 7pm

Age Group: 16+ (Adults) on Friday 6pm

Register here for Intermediate classes: Friday 6pm – 7pm


Following classes are ADVANCE level classes

This class is a step ahead of beginner and intermediate classes once you achieve your basic rhythm and style; this class allows you to develop your individual performance skills in freestyle and choreography. The goal is to make you witness your dance style rather than copying someone through advanced choreography and grooves with the fusion of styles.

Age Group: 7-12 Years on Thursday 7pm

Register here for Advanced Classes: Thursday 7pm – 8pm

Age Group: 16+ (Adults) on Friday 7pm

Register here for Advance classes: 7pm – 8pm



Bombay Jam is the ultimate dance fitness total body workout that is effective, safe, easy to follow, and packed with authentic Bollywood flavor!

The program has a severe focus on integrating fun & fitness! Bombay Jam incorporates cardio and toning routines into one action-packed total body workout, and practices are set to custom music mixes. The cardio routines contain primary, easy-to-follow dance fitness moves full of Bollywood flair, and the toning segment focuses on sculpting long, lean muscles.

Age Group: 18+

Register here for Sunday: 10am – 11am Bombay Jam classes



Indian folk dances are performed worldwide to celebrate a new season festival or other social occasions, etc. Garba and Bhangra are two of them. Garba and Bhangra are two of the most popular and energetic folk dances, and both have their own flavors to enjoy and celebrate.

Age group: 18+

Register here for Sunday: 11 am – 12 pm Garba & Bhangra classes




Lead instructor: Rohan Vyas

We are pleased to introduce you to our dance instructor Mr. Rohan Vyas from India. “Rohan Vyas” also known as rohanakavirus & lazyvirus, is a well-known entrepreneur and renowned choreographer in Bollywood and Indian Television Industry. He has 20-plus years of experience as a dancer and choreographer. His main forte is Lyrical Hip-hop and Bollywood.

He is very passionate about dance. He believes dance creates a sense of freedom mentally, physically, and spiritually. He doesn’t just dance, but through his mind, body, and soul, he wants to express stories that will inspire and impact everyone.

He is also a crew member of the famous dance group – Desi hoppers, who won the “World of Dance championship in Los Angeles in 2015”. Their journey was also filmed & telecasted in an Indian TV series called BINDASS NAACH on the Bindass channel. He has also been part of America’s got talent Season 11(2016), Day Day Up china (2016), Asian Battleground Malaysia (2017), and NBC World of Dance season 2 (2018), along with his crew.

He is also a former associate of D’Virus dance Academy, owned by Mr. Dharmesh Yelande.

He has judged a lot of competitions pan India. “World of Dance Chennai 2018”, ”Breezervividshuffle,” and “Kshitij 2019” are a few of them.