“I love all my coaches and staff. This donation is from my own prize money.”

Ved Sheth


“Thanks to all the coaches and people at ICC.”

Wilson Tsao


“The ICC state open in 2013 was the first American competition I had ever competed in in my life. I still remember the great atmosphere and the staff.”

Hiroki Gotoh


“Really like ICC and badly miss playing there! Hope normalcy will be restored soon!

Sridhar Kaundinya


“ICC Owl-ways be there for you !”

Rignesh Padamanur


“Coaches and ICC, we stand with you! Thank you for all things you had done for us!” We know you are going through stressful times keeping ICC TT center afloat, and we are here to assure that we are here to support in whatever way we can.”

Akhilesh Shirbhate


“Thanks to our awesome coaches in ICC. You make a world of difference to our kids”


 Hi Rajul: Your contribution to table tennis, and the coaches, numerous kids is immeasurable. Our family is happy to do our little bit to help ICC coaches.

Balaji Sampath


ICC: Your contribution to the community is exceptional. And I thank you for that.”

Nimesh Chauhan

“Coaches: All of you are awesome”
Arnav Rakesh Agrawal