Only for tournament or league players

These camps are meant for tournament players. Players of the same level will be combined in this camp to promote healthy competitive atmosphere. This session will start with drills aiming at stroke perfection, footwork and positioning followed by matches or match-like situation. Tactical, equipment tips and fitness will also be a part of this camp.
More training partners from India and China will play in the camps.

For Visiting National & International Players : Additional private lessons are available.

For any further information email

Time – 3:00pm-6:00pm ( ICC TKP students are pre-enrolled in 3pm-6pm camp)

If you enroll for both the camps then Lunch Option is available with additional charges. For TKP student enrolling additionally in morning camp Lunch option is available with extra charges.

Age: 6 and above
Cost: $359/per camp/full week


Multiple camp discounts: $15 (Will apply if enrolled for more than 1 camp)
ICC TT membership discount: $10/camp
Sibling discount: $10/camper/camp


Requirement for this afternoon camp: Players of any level with league or tournament rating or knows how to play games.

Capacity: As we have all TKP kids pre-enrolled, we will have capacity of another 15 students in each camp.

As mentioned above following camps are only for 3pm-6pm for 3 hrs

Refund and Cancellation policy for camps
In order for ICC to process a refund, credit or transfer we must receive a request email one week (7 days) prior to start date of your camp. If we receive your written email before one week then refunds/transfer/credit will be processed less a $50 processing fee for each camp. Refunds/transfer/credit will not be permitted with request within one week (7 days) of start date of the camp.